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Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
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KOHAL / Õismäe tee 1b, Tallinn
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socket AM2, AM2+, AM3/AM3+/FM1, S775, S1155/S1156, S1366, S2011, 1 Fan (120 mm, 600-1600 rpm), Al/Cu
Producer:Cooler Master Europe B.V.
Heatsink type:aluminium/copper
Heatsink's width:116 mm
Heatsink's depth:51 mm
Heatsink's height:159 mm
Fan's bearings type:Sleeve bearing
Fan's rotation speed:600-1600 rpm
Fan noise level:9-31 dB
Durability:40000 Hr.
Air flow:24,9-66,3 CFM
Power connector type:4-pin
Fan's width:120 mm
Fan's depth:120 mm
Fan's height:25 mm
Processor socket type:LGA1366, LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA775, Socket FM1, Socket AM3+, Socket AM3, Socket AM2+, Socket AM2
Processor type:Core i7 Extreme, Core i7, Core i5, Core i3, Core2 Extreme, Core2 Quad, Core2 Duo, Pentium (Socket LGA1155), Pentium (Socket LGA1156), Pentium 4 Prescott, Celeron (Socket LGA1155), Celeron (Socket LGA1156), Celeron (Conroe-L), FX-Series (Socket AM3+),
Net weight:0.569 kg

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