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ADDS1600W4G11-S, (512x8) Unbuffered Non-ECC, 1.35V, Solo
23.10 EUR
27 "/ 68.6cm, resolution: 1920x1080, 16: 9, 82dpi, brightness: 250cd / m², contrast: 1,000: 1 (stati...
134.50 EUR
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288-pin DIMM, Nominal voltage 1.2 V, Chip Organization 512Mx64, Solo, CT4G4DFS824A
23.00 EUR
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Cordless phone
27.10 EUR
USB 2.0, AUV230-32G-RBK
4.50 EUR
24", Full HD (1920x1080), TN, LED, Antiglare, 16:9, 400 cd/m2, 1ms, H170/V160, DP, HDMI, USB, Tilt,...
491.00 EUR
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AMD A8 9600
48.10 EUR
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AM4, 3.4/3.1GHz, 2MB, 45-65W, AD9600AGABBOX
Processor type:AMD A-series
Processor code:A8-9600
Processor socket type:Socket AM4
Processor clock speed:3.1 GHz
Number of processor cores:4
FSB bus frequency:2400 MHz
Cache memory capacity [L2]:2 MB
Supported Hyper-Threading technology:No
Integrated VGA system:Yes
Integrated graphic card type:AMD Radeon R7
Lithography:28 nm
Maximum TDP:65 Watt
Processor version:Box
Fan enclosed:No

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