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Car Charger 12-24V with 2xUSB port 1000 + 2100mA
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Lithium Button celles 3V 1-pack
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39", Full HD (1920x1080), 2xHDMI
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RJ45, 100% copper, 342162
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Patchcord, EconLine, CP2017U
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Intel Core I7 4770T Oem
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Quad Core, 2.50GHz, 8MB, LGA1150, 22mm, 45W, VGA, TRAY, CM8064601465902
Processor type:Core i7
Processor code:i7-4770T
Processor socket type:LGA1150
Processor clock speed:2.5 GHz, 3.7 GHz
QPI/DMI bus frequency:5 GT/s
Cache memory capacity [L3]:8 MB
Supported Hyper-Threading technology:Yes
Integrated VGA system:Yes
Fan enclosed:No

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