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Multi Air Cooler, DP-MCH2-IEMV2
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EKS001 Kitchen Sales
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speed up to 80MB/s read, 10MB/s write, SDCS/16GBSP, Single Pack-w/o Adapter
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98MB/s - Tablet Packaging; EAN: 619659161361, SDSQUAR-016G-GN6TA
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USB 3.1, AUV330-64G-RBK
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dimensions 140x140x27mm, revolutions 950rpm, Air flow 50.7m³ / h, Air pressure 0.6mmH₂O, Fan bearing...
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dimensions 120x120x25mm, revolutions 200-1800rpm, Air flow 95.7m³ / h, Air pressure 2.2mmH₂O, Fan be...
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Intel SSD 660p 1TB M.2
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Design Solid State Module (SSM), Form factor M.2 2280, Interface M.2 / M-Key (PCIe 3.0 x4), read 1800MB / s, Write 1800MB / s, IOPS 4K read / write 150k / 220k, Memory Modules 3D-NAND QLC, 64 Layer, IMFT, TBW 200TB, MTBF 1.6 million hours, Controller Silicon Motion, SM2263EN, 4 channels, Cache 256MB (DDR3L-1600), Protocol NVMe 1.3, Encryption 256bit AES, Power consumption not specified (maximum), 0.1W (operation), 0.04W (idle), not specified (sleep mode), Dimensions 80x22x3.5mm, SSDPEKNW010T8X1
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  • WesternDigital Blue WDS200T2B0B 2TB
    M.2, 3D NAND, SATA 3.0, Technology TLC, Write speed 530 MB/s, Read speed 560 MB/s, Drive thickness 2.3mm, MTBF 1750000 hours
    304.00 EUR
    From 8.77 EUR per month
  • Western Digital Green 480GB M.2
    Design Solid State Module (SSM), Form factor M.2 2280, M.2 / B-M-Key interface (SATA 6Gb / s), Reading 545MB / s, Memory modules 2D-NAND TLC, 15nm, Sa...
    51.50 EUR
  • Adata Premier Pro SP550 120GB
    2.5", SATA 6Gb/s, TLC, 7mm height, MTBF: 1.5M hours, SMI controller, Read: 560MB/s, Write: 410 MB/s, Random Read: 60K IOPS, Random Write: 70K IOPS, AS...
    33.40 EUR
  • Apacer AS350 Panther 256GB
    2.5'' SATA3 6GB/s, 560/540 MB/s, IOPS 84/86K
    30.90 EUR
  • Transcend MTS420 240GB
    M.2 22x42mm, SATA III 6Gb/s, 3D TLC NAND, TS240GMTS420S
    32.70 EUR
  • Transcend SSD230S 128GB
    2.5", SATA III 6Gb/s, 3D TLC NAND, Aluminum case, TS128GSSD230S
    24.40 EUR