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CPU install
Intel Processors
How to Install a LGA115x Processor Into the Socket

  1. Push the lever down to unclip it (1) and lift it (2).

  2. Open the load plate.

  3. Remove the protective cover from the load plate. Do not discard the protective cover. Always replace the socket cover if the processor is removed from the socket.

  4. Do not touch the socket contacts or the bottom of the processor.

  5. Hold the processor with your thumb and index fingers. Make sure that the socket notches align with the processor notches. Lower the processor straight down, without tilting or sliding the processor in the socket. Gently release the processor, making sure that it is seated correctly in the socket.

  6. Very little force is required to close the load plate. Press down on the load plate, close, and engage the socket lever.

  7. With the motherboard installed in the chassis, put the fan-heatsink on the motherboard, aligning the fasteners through the holes. Align the fasteners through the holes properly, or you risk damaging the bottom of the fasteners. Also be careful not to damage the thermal interface material attached to the bottom of the fan heatsink.

  8. Push down on the top of each of the fasteners in an alternate pattern, as shown below, while holding the fan heatsink in place. You should hear a “click” when pushing down each fastener. Gently pull up on each fastener to make sure all four fasteners are securely attached. An unattached fastener prevents a good seal between the fan-heatsink and processor, and can result in unreliable operation of the processor.

  9. Connect the processor 4-wire fan cable connector to the motherboard 4-pin CPU fan header. (The processor 4-wire fan cable connector can be connected to a motherboard 3-pin CPU fan header if a 4-pin CPU fan header is unavailable.)