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Intel Xeon E5-2650 v4
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2.20GHz LGA2011-3 30MB Cache Boxed CPU, BX80660E52650V4
Vendor Homepage:ark.inte.....ications
Unit Gross Weight:0.12 kg
Unit Net Weight:0.03 kg
Packing type:BOX
Model number:E5-2650V4
Clock speed:2200 MHz
Core name:Broadwell-EP
CPU Family name:Xeon DP
Wattage:105 Watts
QPI:9.6 GT/s
Turbo Boost:Yes
Memory type:DDR4
Frequency speed:1600 MHz
Number of cores:12
Turbo frequency:2900 MHz
Intel Secure Key:Yes
Intel TSX-NI:Yes
Intel vPro technology:Yes

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